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Official Website of ChronoWolf – Electronic, chiptune, and video game music composer and performer born in Sydney, Australia, currently living in Salt Lake City, Utah. ChronoWolf is best known for melding electronic, chiptune, and orchestral styles together to create some truly unique music.

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New release!

MoonFire: A Seeker’s Saga (Original Soundtrack)

MoonFire: A Seeker’s Saga, featuring the latest original soundtrack from ChronoWolf, is a crafted blend of a Visual Novel and an RPG with Open-World mechanics. Set within a boundless, fantasy world, you will experience dozens of characters and eccentric lore. Manage a system of six main traits that aid your exploration inspired by the likes of DnD with RNG rolls, character buffs, party stats, and much more.

The soundtrack features 23 tracks of orchestral music with medieval, folk, Celtic, and Arabic influences which take the listener on a journey through the rich and adventurous narrative.

Release dates:

Bandcamp (December 6th, 2023), all other platforms (digital/streaming, December 12th, 2023).

MoonFire Original Soundtrack Album Cover

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Bandcamp is the preferred platform. It is the only service that reasonably and directly supports artists. You may stream or purchase music there, including hi-resolution 24-bit versions of all of my albums!

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MoonFire: A Seeker’s Saga
Original soundtrack – 2023

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