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ChronoWolf – A Matter Of Time

Release date: August 7, 2018

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‘A Matter Of Time’ is a journey through a sonic landscape where orchestral and electronic influences are harmoniously paired in a series of beautiful melodic motifs. Spanning a length of 90 minutes with seamless track transitions, the album is a fantastic soundscape for relaxation, productivity, meditation or a personal journey. Beginning as a discovery for the senses, it slowly gains pace throughout, and ends with an epic climax. It is also presented in 24-bit lossless audio for greater clarity and depth.

What makes this album particularly special is: the entire 90 minutes worth of original orchestral music was composed over the course of just 3 days. With an additional 2 days for mastering and digital distribution prep. This makes it is quickest album I have ever produced, which also happens to be my longest album in terms of run-time.

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