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ChronoWolf – ARORA

Release date: July 14, 2020

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ARORA is an exciting return to my modern orchestral roots. Combining orchestra and modern soundtrack styles with rock, pop, epic, and electronic influences, ARORA is an adventurous journey through a dynamic scifi themed landscape. Each track tells part of a larger story. Experience a range of triumphant highs, melancholy lows, and beautiful and serene breaks, all expressed through an intrepid variety of thematic sequences.

The whole album was carefully mastered to maintain the most expansive sonic landscape with a stunning dynamic range. While this may mean the album appears a bit “quieter” then your typically mastered EDM banger, the expansive dynamic range means you are free to crank it as loud as you like and enjoy every tiny detail preserved in stunning quality. Users have the option to experience the album as it was intended by downloading any of the available lossless formats (WAV, FLAC, ALAC, etc) which present the music in high-resolution 24-bit audio.

Funded/assisted in part thanks to my Patreon followers!

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