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ChronoWolf – High Tech Low Life

Release date: February 4, 2020

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Welcome to my first EP release! This album is a small collection of chiptune inspired fusion tracks, melding 8-bit and video game influences with cyberpunk vibes, modern orchestral rock, and a touch of EDM.

Track 1 – Mega City 6
My dirty, hard-hitting cyberpunk inspired track, which takes the listener on a journey to the pleasure center of the new world: Mega City 6.

Track 2 – Exortus
Mixing together Gothic symphony styles with 8bit video game influences and modern power rock.

Track 3 – High Tech Low Life
Originally written as a intro opener for a popular Twitch streamer, this extended version is a hard-hitting, bass driven, 8-bit inspired power rock adventure. Check out the Twitch streamer, ArvanEleron, over at

Track 4 – Third Time’s the Chill
Originally featured on the Chiptunes = WIN Volume 7 compilation album, Third’s Time’s the Chill is a mix off chill vibes, jazz chords, smooth beats and a clean driven rhythm.

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